How to Save $1,000 on Powder Room Renovation: Part 1 Inspiration

Do you remember the wallpaper growing up in the 80s or 90s? Get ready to have your mind blown! If you haven’t noticed the wallpaper game changed big time! A dear friend thankfully convinced us to use wallpaper in our bathroom and we are forever grateful.
Here are some wallpaper examples from Pintrest we were inspired by.

When choosing a wallpaper understand that it will make a statement even if you go a bit conservative with the color like we did. We found the toughest part was deciding how much of a statement we wanted to make with our wallpaper. I personally would have gone bolder with our choice but this was our first time installing wallpaper and we wanted to be 100% satisfied.

Our powder room was a mess when we moved in. To start it’s a small space and the paint color was dark. Additionally the walls were textured but not in a good way. Either old wallpaper graced the walls and was ripped off then immediately painted over or an animal took their nails to the walls and someone decided to paint over it. The texture was everywhere!

Our powder room has one window that receives natural light in the morning. As a result we wanted a bright color that transitioned well with the rest of the house.

Below includes list of the items which helped save us thousands on our powder room renovation.

  • Wall Paper – We picked this great paper from York Wall coverings, it can also be found on in various colors. Plus will send you a sample! We purchased the light grey and its a perfect pairing with our edgecomb grey walls. Buying our wallpaper on Wayfair saved us nearly $500 than if we went to a regular paint store.
This picture was not edited we wanted to show the true color of the wallpaper.
  • Sink Console –  Next, we found this great console from American Standard, at the time it was deeply discounted but you can find a similar one here. We wanted to mimic the Pottery Barn single sink console without the high price tag of $1,800.

  • Faucet – On Amazon we found American Standard Portsmouth faucet for nearly half the price! Personally we wanted a nice light bathroom so we chose Chrome fixtures but for a more rustic feel and less finger print cleaning the oil rubbed bronze is a great alternative!
  • Toilet – We got the American Standard Vormax toilet at Lowe’s and it might be the prettiest toilet if there ever was one. However a great alternative for less is the American Standard Cadet at Home Depot.
  • Mirror – My family had a leftover mirror (not sure where this is from) but you could easily find something similar at HomeGoods or Wayfair!
  • Curtains – The curtains are from Bed Bath and Beyond, it was tough to find 45inch curtain panels.
  • Light Fixture – Finally we splurged on light fixtures since we had extra reward points from Pottery Barn. Once I had assembled my items it was time to get started on the renovation!

The search for these items took months. Keep patient and the price you want will eventually turn up :). Stay tuned for Part 2 to see how we executed this gorgeous bathroom.


*This post does not include affiliate links, however Cortney previously worked for American Standard and received discounts. Their items are fantastic and great prices can be found on Amazon or 



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