Modern Farmhouse Ultimate Decision: Subway Tile Grey Grout vs White Grout

You have made the ultimate modern farmhouse decision and picked subway tile as your kitchen back splash. Congrats! Your parents will say things like “you mean the tile found in the New York City subway”. Kinda but no Mom! The subway tile you see in most farmhouse renovations and 90% of Fixer Upper renovations. Once you get past that hurtle the toughest decision approaches, do you go with trendy grey grout or keep it safe with white grout.

First grout is a mortar or paste that is used to fill gaps between the subway tile. Let’s explore the options from Pinterest.

In order to stay on budget we prefer to do renovations ourselves. As a result we like to keep our projects simple. At Home Depot we found these amazing subway tile sheets. Rather than laying down each individual tile we simply mounted these sheets to the dry wall. Once the tile was up we decided to make the project even simpler by picking white grout.

White grout worked for us due to the following:

  • Kept our project simple, there was no need to worry if we made a mistake as the white was more forgiving
  • The lighting in our home can be minimal and the white grout keeps the kitchen bright
  • We chose a deep grey paint for our kitchen walls and needed more white hues to balance out the space

Grey grout is the trendier option of the two and we have seen many homes where the result is spectacular. However if your taste is more conservation, completing the project yourself or have low lighting in your home maybe give white grout a chance. Either choice is gorgeous and gets you one step closer to the modern farmhouse of your dreams. When finished the side eye from your folks quickly disappears 🙂


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