How to Maintain Your Personal Home Decor Style with Hand Me Downs

When its time to leave the nest and have a place of your own its easy to fill your space with pieces your parents left in their basement. The hard part is when to start creating a space that reflects your personality. How do you incorporate these timeless pieces into your decor? We have received fantastic pieces from our relatives but sometimes it can be hard to incorporate into our modern farmhouse decor. See below for some of our favorite hand me downs and how we made them our own.

  • Farmhouse Kitchen Table – Ok this one we got really lucky! I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and my mother had this custom farm table made. My parents recently moved and no longer needed this gorgeous custom piece. Then YAY! it was mine 🙂 Be sure to read our previous article on how we incorporated inexpensive chairs.
  • Leather Lazy Boy – Alex’s parents had moved this chair countless times and finally gave up. Luckily I had seen this picture on Pottery Barn’s blog and felt we could incorporate the chair into our modern farmhouse theme. By pairing the char with a light rug and neutral sofa we created a cozy space that is perfect for our personalities.
Photo via Pottery Barn

  • Bookcase – Our bookcase was handmade by Alex’s great grandfather and we felt it had real sentimental value, as a result we styled it with other items like coasters, baskets, books, and framed items from our wedding. It was so cute Alex’s grandmother couldn’t believe it was the same bookcase!

  • Formal Chair – This chair is just too beautiful! Since the chair is older it’s a bit smaller than our other guest chairs  but once reupholstered it made a great addition to our formal living room.

  • Side Table – We find its easy to sort of hide side tables. While this table is gorgeous it’s a bit traditional for our taste but with a modern farmhouse lamp, coasters and wall clock I sometimes forget the table is even there.

  • Foyer Table – Not sure if I took this from my parents or it was given to me but it is a beautiful foyer table that we like to style based on the season. During the holidays we have a santa and holly, for fall gourds and pumpkins. Right now this is our typical decor, tall arrangement with a lantern and candles.

How do you incorporate home decor and furniture hand me downs to your style??

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