Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

Hello Friends! I am struggling with room design ideas for our living room. Do you remember our relatives traditional living rooms? A bit more formal compared to todays style. When you google living room inspiration the decor is all over the place!
I’m not sure people even have living rooms anymore. Currently our living room is filled with pieces from our leftover apartments and condo. It’s ok but not great.

Our current living room. We are also missing fresh paint and baseboards!

We want our living room to be warm and inviting while also staying on budget. Similar to our discussion on when to splurge versus save on furniture I feel the living room is a save! The room won’t be used much and if we decide to have kids I have a bad feeling it will turn into a playroom. Here are some living room decor ideas and pieces I’m inspired by right now. Let us know your thoughts or suggestions!!

Photo from Homepolish


Photo from Pottery Barn

Tufted Leather Sofa – We have heard mixed opinions that leather should not be used in a living room but I feel like it doesn’t matter anymore. When most people don’t even have a living room why limit our selections. I would love to splurge and get the Pottery Barn tufted sofa but for a room we will rarely use I’ve been eyeing this look alike from Target.

Ikea SofaThis sofa looks just like the Pottery Barn sofa but for half the cost! I’m torn since we are using Ikea parson’s chairs as accent chairs (they also serve as extra dining room chairs). When mixing inexpensive pieces I find using a set makes the space feel cheap.

Photo from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Rug Layering Trick – Have you noticed people are layering their rugs! We have a great medallion rug from Pottery Barn which was used in our condo, unfortunately in our home the rug is too small. Then we went to Pottery Barn during one of their 25% off sales and bought their sisal rug to layer underneath!

Photo from

Accent Curtains –  I tried to add color guys I swear! I even saved this photo of green curtains with a sisal rug and leather sofa. But then Home Goods happened and I found great grey black out curtains for dare I say two panels for $20! Ahh that’s cheaper than Target and they look great! My new strategy is to bring in color with gold accents.

Photo from Cupcakes & Cashmere

Tables – This photo from cupcakes and cashemere sums up my table goals! The gold west elm side tables and marble coffee table are exactly what I’m thinking for our living room. It has been tough to find similar pieces from Wayfair or Target so any suggestions would be great! My husband defiantly won’t let me buy that gold side table full price. For now we have the gold target bar chart and I can’t wait to decorate!

Let me know what you all think! Have you used a leather sofa and gold accents in a living room??

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