Modern China and China Cabinet

With Thanksgiving around the corner I am reminded of the days my mother would take out the fancy china from the ultra fancy cabinet. Then we would spend endless amounts of time pre cleaning the china and afterwards wrapping it back up for next year. Why would anyone sign up for this! Alex and I were heavily pressured to register for china and at the time we just went with the flow. Now that we have our own home I have to admit I am so thankful we did! While hosting during the holidays or dinner parties china takes our entertaining to the next level. Keeping with our fresh and modern theme we wanted to ensure our china reflected our personalities. More importantly we wanted to show off our china in the most stunning way possible. China is expensive might as well show it off!


We chose the Vera Wang collection in gold. I know what you’re thinking gold is not a neutral! Gold has always been my favorite jewelry metal and I wanted to incorporate gold as an accent, so far it looks great with our neutral color scheme (see article about neutrals). We mixed collections from Vera Wang’s Wedgwood Lace and Wedgwood Weave. Once we bought our first home, like the adults we are :), we realized the china could not longer reside in our parents basement. Our search for a modern china cabinet had begun.


Try googling china cabinets and see what happens. I dare you! There is a good video from Martha Stewart but it’s mostly china cabinets from our parents and their parents days. We had to get creative. We finally found a beautiful corner cabinet from Ballard and our family surprised us with the cabinet for christmas.




Once the cabinet arrived we began to play with different ways to display the china. We ordered display stands from Amazon and found a beautiful faux floral arrangement from HomeGoods. Some traditional cabinets have a lip in the back to hold pieces of china however we found the stands work just as well. We just love our china and china cabinet and are looking forward to hosting the holidays. What is your favorite china collection and how do you display it?


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