New Homeowner Christmas List

Our first Christmas in our new home was also our first Christmas as husband and wife. We had just come off our wedding and received amazing gifts from our friends and family. It felt as though only a season went by and people were again asking what to get us! We told people check out our wedding registry. Then I got the idea why not make a first home registry for Christmas. made the holidays so easy! Our families were not forced to coordinate what to get us and we could constantly update our registry when we would think of new items.

A first home registry is important, we found it was difficult to register during our wedding as we had not lived together and did not understand our style as a married couple. Once we bought our first home it was much easier to tell friends and family what we needed. We are not suggesting have a big party to celebrate you again (the wedding was enough!) but during christmas or the next big holiday get a list together of some things you need for your home. You will be shocked how many people want to contribute, we felt blessed to have such amazing friends and family that wanted to help.

See below for our favorite first home registry items!

The tools we have listed below may seem expensive, however they will last a lifetime and are a great investment for any new homeowner.

*Post does not include sponsors or affiliate links we just love these items

Crate and Barrel Paper Towel Holder – There are other french marble pieces in this collection and they are inexpensive
Shop Vac – Essential tool for clean up and minimizing dust during renovations
Pendant Lights Pottery Barn – These light fixtures were a perfect addition to our modern farmhouse themed kitchen
Food Processor – Once we started cooking daily we realized how much we need this!
Cordless Drill – We use this for every single home renovation project. High power and high quality tool, the kit also comes with two battery packs.
Target basketweave curtain panels look exactly like the Pottery Barn curtain panels for half the price. The additional color options make these curtains a must buy.
Sawzall – This tool can cut anything! We use the sawzall to cut wood metal and everything in between. Our backyard had an awful chainlink fence and we were able to cut it down in one day with the sawzall.


Utensil Holder – A stunning utensil holder helps provide more drawer space and looks stunning on counter tops. Our family spoiled us with the William Sonoma stainless holder but the french marble holder from Crate and Barrel is beautiful as well.
Threshold Floor Lamp – These lamps are part of Target’s Threshold brand and they look amazing in our home. We are currently renovating our living room and cannot wait to use them.

What are some of your favorite gifts for the home?

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