Mud Room Ikea Hack – Part 1


My husband and I are still recovering from 2014. In one year we planned a wedding, got married, accepted new jobs, and bought our first home. Pinterest was our best friend during that year and whenever I say I found a new inspiration on Pintrest my husband knows to head for the hills! Prior to this knowledge we had just finished the kitchen and I was studying every design magazine, catalog and Pintrest page I could get my hands on. We found this great article from A Charming Nest and were immediately inspired. The project took more time and effort than we anticipated but we learned ALOT from the experience.

We decided to turn the closet off our laundry room into mud room by using an ikea media stand as the base. With some strategic planning and late night painting the result far exceeded our expectations. See below for steps we took and some take away advice 🙂

  • Have a plan! While we wanted to just dive into the project we took some important first steps by measuring the opening width length and height. Additionally, we took a visit to Ikea’s website to understand the stands size. Try avoiding going to store and buying whatever you find to make it workimg_1620
  • Then we took a glorious trip to Ikea to meet our media stand in person (we chose the two drawer Hemnes Media Stand). While there we measured the gap from bottom of tv stand to see if our trim would be tall enough. We wanted our new trim to be 4.5″. Article to come on the importance of updating your trim!img_1618
  • We bought the TV stand even though we knew the piece would be too tall, we then trimmed legs of stand to ensure trim would not overlap with drawers.img_1622
  • This is when we really get into the meat of the project. After the legs were trimmed we then mounted 2/4 in opening of front to give more space to nail trim, we needed to nail the trim to the base of the stand.img_1623
  • In order to ensure the seated bench of the mudroom would be secure we needed to mount the tv stand into the studs behind the dry wall of closet. We located all studs on wall of closet then indicated location of stud with a pencil. Additionally by identifying studs at the beginning of project this ensured the cubbies and hooks of the mudroom would also be stable. img_1625
  • We then framed out the opening space to fit my Hunter Boots (I hope those stay relevant for years to come). After we framed out the boot cubby we then painted and framed out length of tv stand and boot cubby
    for wooden bench.img_1639
  • Part 2 will pick up with tutorial on wooden bench and framing out cubbies!

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