Holiday Hosting – Decor

Hi Friends! Christmas is 5 days away and we want to share with you our favorite Holiday hosting décor, appetizers, entrees and desserts.  Our holiday suggestions include quick and elegant solutions to your crazy holiday!

We just renovated our dining room with a grey/navy décor accented with mahogany furniture for a modern cozy feel that really comes alive during the holidays (promise to share the entire renovation after the holidays). We like to accent our décor with gold by using leftover Christmas ornaments and our modern china. Each year we like to find what I call a “bottom heavy tree” and there are always leftover branches to cut once we finally fit the tree into our home.

The branches make an excellent center piece surrounding the gold ornaments followed by a lantern we normally use outside during the summer.

Our modern wedding china from Vera Wang looks stunning against the gold ornaments and we utilize silver chargers underneath to bring out the navy in our walls. Our friends were super impressed with our décor but when you think about it we used items we already had around the house. The ornaments were an old set from Home Depot, tree branches came from our voluminous Christmas tree, lantern from the summer and chargers were leftover from our wedding.

If you’re running out of time and Christmas is around the corner (like it is!) take a step back and look around your home for items you already have. We bet you have a few Christmas Miracles left in that closet.

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